Fiddlefox Music Track

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We believe that music education is is a critical part of early childhood development. Discover with Fiddlefox Music Track how to implement music into your childcare center, how to lead a group music class, and how to integrate music from around the globe. Best of all, you don’t have to be a professional musician to do it!

Cultural Music curriculum

Music everyday, for every age

We’re big believers that music education should be a part of every child’s education, and so, our robust and easy to use curriculum makes adding a music program to your program a reality, whether your a musician or not.

This five-week Fiddlefox certification program is available for all early childhood educators (musicians and non-musicians alike) and can be taken self paced ($197) or within a guided cohort ($197 if you register before May 8th).

Discover how you can implement the music and cultural program by Fiddlefox in your childcare center or home. 

Fun, engaging training videos

Music education for all

Watch a sample video of Chris explaining the basics of the bells when teaching music education.

Learn at your own pace

During each week of this 5-week course,
you will participate in:

Online learning modules


Live coaching call

Worksheet and Practical Learning Activities

The course is organized into five weekly modules:

A five-week journey

Integrate Fiddlefox materials and curriculum into practice through group music classes, extended music sessions, and special performances.

1. Overview of Early Childhood Music Methods

Familiarize yourself with alternative early childhood music methodologies including Dalcroze Eurythmics, Orff Schulwerk, Kodaly, Gordon Music Learning, and Suzuki. 

2. Growth and Development / Introduction to Montessori

Learn about basics of child development and the Montessori approach to early childhood development, created by the Italian scientist, Maria Montessori., which is the basis of the principles and philosophy of Fiddlefox.

3. Elements of Music in Practice

Establish a baseline of understanding regarding musical elements of rhythm, pitch, melody, and harmony, and their application in the early childhood classroom.

4. Using the Fiddlefox Materials

From songbooks to curriculum guides, storybooks to extended music materials, learn the tricks of the trade, and how to implement the Fiddlefox music and cultural program in your classroom or home.

5. Music in the Classroom

It’s time to put things into action. Learn how you can take what you’ve learned during the Fiddlefox Music Track and establish a routine of music in your childcare center, school, or home.

At WorldSong Schools, we educate for global citizenship, celebrating the cultural wealth of all countries, peoples and music.

We believe that it is a universal language, and all children have it in them, waiting for the moment to be expressed.

With our music and culture curriculum, children discover the rich variety of cultures from around the world, and learn about history, traditions, art, cuisine…

Each country is a whole new adventure!

Join us!
Live a world of music

Our next session begins on May 15th. Register below to receive access to the course and one of our team members will reach out to schedule your weekly coaching session.