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Open Door Montessori, a Montessori teacher training is not only comprehensive, but fun as well. No stodgy teacher trainings here! Learn key principles of the Montessori method while keeping a smile on your face!

Montessori for Everyone

LIght hearted and fun

Learn about key Montessori principles such as the prepared environment, respect for the child, and the mindful adult in a Montessori training course which is accessible to parents and teachers alike.

Learn about Montessori philosophy, how to set up a prepared Montessori environment, and how to use the Montessori materials. This six-week Montessori certification program is available for infant/toddler and early childhood (preschool) teachers and can be taken self paced ($197) or within a guided cohort ($297 if you register before June 12th).

Gain an understanding of key Montessori principles such as following the child, respect for the environment, and the absorbent mind, and how to put it all into practice in your classroom or at home.

Fun, engaging training videos

Montessori made simple

Watch a sample video of Annie and Barb explaining freedom within limits according to Montessori philosophy.

The course is organized
into SIX weekly modules:

A six-week journey

Following the completion of these six modules, all students may elect to join our additional 8-week Montessori Practicum, and hone your skills as you learn and practice using over 100 Montessori materials in your classroom or at home. 

Week 1.

Get introduced to Maria Montessori, learn about the role of the teacher in the classroom, sensitive periods, freedom within limits, and positive discipline

Week 2.

Discover what it means to have a prepared classroom environment, foundations of child observation, how to talk to parents and conduct parent conferences. 

Week 3.

Uncover the importance of concentration, coordination, order and independence, language development, cognitive development, and executive functions.

Week 4.

Learn how to maintain peace in the classroom, the process of normalization, connecting with nature, using work mats, and toileting.

Week 5.

Dive into the spiritual preparation of the teacher, peace education, what is the inner light of the child, morning greetings, and food preparation.

Week 6.

Complete your course with an introduction to making and presenting Montessori Materials.

Learn at your own pace

During each week of this 6-week course,
you will participate in:

Online learning modules


Live coaching call

Worksheet and Practical Learning Activities

Ready to get started?

Our next session begins on June 19th. Register below to receive access to the course and one of our team members will reach out to schedule your weekly coaching session.