Set yourself up for success

Are you thinking of starting your own daycare, and want some guidance and support before fully diving in? Maybe you’re a parent, teacher, or administrator, and you want advice from seasoned professionals who have done it themselves? 

WorldSong offers you an opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals who themselves have actually opened and operated centers, expanded the business and made it a successful career while serving the community and making a difference in children’s education. 

Join a network of experts and educational resources

WorldSong Schools is cultivating an international network of teachers, directors and childcare operators. We provide robust training and support to help open, operate and expand your childcare program.

Worldsong will get into the nitty-gritty of your startup and will set up some key business functions to hit the ground strong!

WorldSong will:

Build an attractive and user friendly web page to maximize program exposure and connect you with your first customers.

Help you setup your classrooms. 

Give you recommendations on educational materials to have in each classroom according to the age of the children.

Provide you with core business and operations policies.

There is a lot to learn

The most comprehensive trainings and support

WorldSong has created a roadmap to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed and burned out. With each step you will gain more clarity and confidence on this path.

Intro to Daycare Startup

To get started, enroll in our self paced 6-module online course

Here you will learn the exact steps to starting your own childcare centre.

You will learn about critical health and safety requirements that each centre must meet in order to obtain a licence from local authorities.

You will also receive templates and scripts for enrollment and hiring processes and procedures.

Included are also tips for curriculum planning, and much more.

Where Music is Everyday

Our innovative learning philosophy and curriculum is an exciting upgrade to anyone already working with young children.

Learning Center

We can assist you in developing a successful childcare business that truly makes a difference.

Listen to our experts talk about operating a daycare center, music education and Montessori teaching.

Catch up on our latest news and events. We create content for you to enrich your business and continue growing!

Enjoy reading our books on education, music and parenting.

What’s going on in our community? Check out our latest posts on social media.

WorldSong will:



Show you practical actionable steps to launch your daycare business.



Assist in the licensing process (MA and VA only).


LivING THE Music

Provide you with daily music curriculum.



Connect you with a coach who has done it SUCCESSFULLY before!


Who is Part of the WorldSong Schools Network?

Our network includes people who:

  • Love working with children
  • Want to be a part of larger and supportive network 
  • Are thinking about starting their own childcare center
  • Have an existing program and want to upgrade tier program
  • Are serious about offering only high quality care and education

Our network provides:

  • Support from experts to avoid mistakes while starting a program on your own
  • A unique value proposition to set your business aside from your competitors 
  • A feeling of confidence which comes from having knowledgeable about the process
  • A step-by-step roadmap for childcare startup and operations
  • Support around crucial business operations such as enrollment and hiring
How will WorldSong help me start ?

Worldsong will: 

  • Show you practical actionable steps to launch your daycare business 
  • Assist in the licensing process (MA and VA only)
  • Provide you with daily music curriculum
  • Connect you with a coach who has done it SUCCESSFULLY before

How will WorldSong Schools help me OPERATE my daycare?
  • With the support system from WorldSong you will never have to chase your customers for payments
  • You and your team will get paid faster, with no delays 
  • We provide you with scripts and templates for enrollment: emails, student application and registration, student file checklist, etc.
  • We provide you with scripts and templates for hiring: interview questions, process to engage and follow up with candidates, qualifications and skills to seek for in your ideal candidates, performance reviews and design for their ongoing professional development, steps for conflict resolution, and much more! 
  • Communication with your families. What needs to be communicated and when, how to handle tough parents, and ensure your students are staying with you instead of leaving to your competitors. 
  • Health and sanitation procedures and standard regulations that can help you avoid closing the doors of your business in case of failure to provide this crucial element of childcare to your community.
  • Budgeting and projection: how to read your financial statements, price your services and maximize your income while cutting down on your expenses without losing the integrity and excellence of your program.

How will WorldSong Schools help me advertise and get clients?

Worldsong provides you with up-to-date marketing and advertising templates to use online and in your local area.

  • WorldSong coaches you in how to conduct effective parent tours and Open Houses that convert to sales and result in new customers every time. 
  • We train you to run community events that will help establish your business and get the word out about your center.
  • We give you the tools to gather enrollment and any other data that are crucial to your business. 
  • WolrdSong continually walks alongside you to help you stay organized and understand the key performance indicators for your business.
  • The best-in-class music training and resources distinguish your center from the rest.

Does WorldSong Schools provide CURRICULUM?

All WorldSong Schools receive access to our Fiddlefox Music Curriculum.

  • Receive our bi-monthly cultural songbooks, storybooks, and curriculum guides featuring the music and culture of 17 different countries. 
  • Access weekly pre-recorded music classes, as well as video resources for songs, stories, and curricular activities.
  • Be a part of live streamed international events and celebrations.
  • Purchase our curated music material kits (such as our rainbow bells and world percussion) designed by age group. 

At WorldSong Schools, we are committed to providing music everyday, and we equip each center, non-musicians and musicians alike with the tools to effectively share music with the children in their center.

  • Weekly pre-recorded group music classes
  • 24/7 Music Training resources for every teacher in your center
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly curriculum plans with pre-recorded songs to accompany your classroom teams. 
  • Beautiful printed materials
About us

WorldSong Schools is a childcare support network operated by husband and wife team, Christopher and Zaure Vuk, entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, and founders of the award winning brand of daycare centers in Boston, MA, Rock and Roll Daycare.  

They opened and operated multiple centers, expanded the business and made it a successful career while serving the community and making a difference in children’s education.

We make it fun

Open Door Montessori
makes teacher training engaging.

We make it easy

Fiddlefox Music
music education accessible to everyone.

A complete pack of solutions


Children discover rhythm and pitch, and appreciate music while learning about different cultures of the world with our award-winning curriculum.


Our trainings are fun and engaging! We help you implement a child-centered approach that nurtures the whole child.


Expert coaches, trainers and consultants ensure our network of schools receive ongoing training.

Intro to Daycare Startup
accelerates your center opening

During this time you will have access to our online curriculum, and one of our team members will connect with you for six, one-hour coaching calls to go over the course content and answer any questions that you have along the way.

Our next 6 week session begins during the week of May 1st. And here’s what you can expect to learn:

1. Twelve Steps to Starting Your Own Childcare Center
2. Daycare licensing – How to get it and what to do so you don’t lose it
3. Hiring the best people in the world
4. Sell like a boss
5. Five of the most loved early childhood methods
6. Don’t just advertise your business – become the first choice in daycare

Schedule a call with an Expert Coach!

Set a date for your call with one of our coaches and start your journey enrich your childcare program today.


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