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Envision a place where your child's curiosity is nurtured, their creativity is celebrated, and their love for learning blossoms.

We believe that music is a universal language, and all children have it in them, waiting for the moment to be expressed.

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Where Montessori
meets music

Our dynamic, music-infused Montessori Childcare Program is designed to nurture infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children, offering an exceptional learning journey like no other.​

Let your child discover the vibrant world of music and cultures, uncover fun educational resources, and explore in a Montessori-inspired learning environment.


Their Journey Begins Here

WorldSong Schools is more than just preschool; it’s a haven where children embark on a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. We invite you to explore our enriching programs and experience firsthand the vibrant, harmonious atmosphere we offer.

WorldSong Schools

Where Education
Hits All the Right Notes!

Are you an educator aspiring to make a meaningful impact?


Do you want to start a daycare
that truly stands out from the crowd?

Do you want to implement a Music Curriculum, but are unable to play an instrument?

Are you interested in Montessori methodology but find it intimidating?

Do you want to be coached by experienced childcare professionals?


Here, you'll find a supportive environment that values innovation, encourages creativity, and prioritizes the well-being and development of both students and staff. We offer opportunities for growth, mentorship, and the chance to impact young lives positively.

Where children
love to learn

Inspiring Lifelong Learning

At WorldSong Schools, we believe in the power of education to transform young lives. With our music and culture curriculum, children discover the rich variety of cultures from around the world, and learn about history, traditions, art, cuisine…

Our innovative approach, blending Montessori principles and the magic of music, creates a harmonious environment where learning is an adventure.​

At WorldSong Schools, we believe in nurturing young minds through a unique blend of Montessori-inspired education and the enchanting world of music.
With a growing presence spanning across the United States, our network of preschools is dedicated to providing an exceptional early childhood experience for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children.

Early Childhood Innovation

Why WorldSong Schools?

Discover the difference at WorldSong Schools and watch your child flourish as they embark on an educational adventure that's as unique as they are. Explore our locations across the United States and experience the magic of Montessori and music with us today. Together, we're nurturing the future, one joyful note at a time.

Montessori Magic

Our philosophy is rooted in the Montessori tradition, emphasizing independence, exploration, and hands-on learning. We create an environment where children are free to explore and discover at their own pace, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Musical Exploration

Music is not just a subject here; it's a way of life. Our innovative music curriculum is designed to ignite a passion for melody, rhythm, and harmony in every child. From singing and dancing to playing instruments, your little one will embark on a musical journey that enriches their development.

Diverse Cultural Exposure

We celebrate diversity and weave it into our curriculum. Through cultural exploration, children learn about the world, fostering empathy, tolerance, and an appreciation for different traditions and perspectives.

Experienced Educators

Our dedicated team of trained educators is passionate about early childhood development. They provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where your child can thrive.

Holistic Approach

We recognize that each child is a unique individual with their own strengths and interests. Our holistic approach ensures that we cater to their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs.

Community Connection

WorldSong Schools are more than just preschools; they are vibrant communities where families come together to support one another and celebrate milestones, creating lasting friendships.

A premium childcare experience

Young children thrive in environments where they can explore, improvise, and concentrate with hands-on music play. But we are more than a great educational program. We're a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing the curiosity, creativity, and potential within every child.

Music, culture and movement

Countless research studies have stressed the importance that early childhood music-making has on the developing body and brain.

We make daily music-learning fun and engaging through our Fiddlefox curriculum and specialised music teachers. Children discover rhythm and pitch, and appreciate music while learning  about different cultures of the world.

Montessori inspired

Our Montessori-inspired educational environment is carefully tailored to motivate children.

Expert consultants from Open Door Montessori ensure our teachers receive on-going training in Montessori education.

Parents too are encouraged to participate in adult support sessions to align the home environment with this philosophy.


We believe that children deserve to be happy here and now; their happiness cannot be postponed.
Our mission is to serve children in their enjoyment and development, to become citizens of the world.

WorldSong Schools light the fire of creativity and imagination in every child through an advanced music and arts program, international cultural education, and self-directed learning.

Our vision is to bring hope to the world by transforming the lives of children.

Elevating Early Childhood Education

We pride ourselves in continuous innovation, research and advancement in the early childhood field. Our hallmark programs seamlessly blend the rich traditions of Montessori, the magic of music, and the beauty of cultural exploration. Your child's educational adventure begins here, where every day is a harmonious, multicultural experience.

A multicultural world

Cultivating Global Awareness Through Music and Culture

At WorldSong Schools we educate for global citizenship, celebrating the cultural wealth of all countries, peoples and music.

And music is a big part of it. We believe that it is a universal language, and all children have it in them, waiting for the moment to be expressed.

Build a career

We invest in teacher education and provide career opportunities for people who are looking to develop themselves in the exciting field of early childhood education! We support your ongoing growth, training and development. Discover our coaching program.

It’s best thought of
as a love story

Read the captivating origin story of our founder, Chris, a virtuoso violinist. His passion for both music and education ignited a vision that continues to inspire us today.

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